The immortal hit of the famous American rock band Aerosmith “Dream on”, performed by the folk band Geo Folk Tour, sounded very peculiar and very emotional in the style of Georgian polyphony.

Aerosmith and its leader Steven Tyler personally shared the band's cover on their official social media pages, and later met with the band just before the concert in Georgia, performing famous hit together with folk band in the backstage.
Steven Tyler expressed his admiration for the video and traditions of Georgia, was delighted with the Georgian polyphony and the Georgian traditional outfit - chokha.
The video clip was filmed on the territory of the monument "History of Georgia" by Zurab Tsereteli near the so-called Tbilisi Sea, the idea of the monument harmoniously fit into the context of the famous song: against the background of the monuments of kings and saints of Georgia, the band members sing: “You got to lose to know how to win”…
The video ends in a purely Georgian style - Georgian polyphonic motives and melodies and a battle on daggers, which is part of Georgian dances - dances of Georgian warriors.
cover of the famous song Dream on once again reminds of that Georgian polyphony is many-sided and truly unforgettable and can amaze even the World famous stars.