A new and no less impressive cover was presented by the Geo Folk Tour group, performing a medley of legendary band Led Zeppelin and soloist Robert Plant in the Georgian polyphonic style.

The cover includes the songs of Led Zeppelin “Kashmir”, “The Immigrant Song” and “Rainbow” by Robert Plant. The video is very creative, the references that laid the foundation for a whole branch of Led Zeppelin mythology are reflected in it: against the background of musical arrangement of songs in different Georgian regional polyphonic styles, the main character of the clip goes through considerable amount of struggles to temper the spirit. On his way he meets enemies and soul mates.
The video was filmed in the Gareji desert, not far from the border with Azerbaijan. The incredible landscapes of the David Gareji cave monastery complex seem to be the most suitable place for a wanderer who is lost between the worlds, which is sung in Kashmir.
Other impressive locations are the ancient fortress of Ujarma in Kakheti, as well as old-city remains of Bagineti, where the ancient city of Armazi was located.
This cover musicians dedicated to the legendary group, their contribution to world music, and to the arrival of Robert Plant with a concert in Georgia. Subsequently, the group received a personal message from Robert Plant as follows: “Thank you for your love and support!”