"Music is wine ..."


In Georgia, songs are filled with hopes, hearts - with love, and glasses - with wine ... Georgian winemaking method is ao als UNESCO heritage.

We at Geo Folk are drunk with Music and in order to convey our fortune - we decided to create GEO FOLK WINE with our own polyphonic twist.

In Geo Folk Wine, every drop is permeated with Love for the Vine, for Beauty, for Kindness, for the Motherland, for Music and for the Almighty.

Our grapes ripen to the sounds of Georgian polyphony in the vineyards of the most wine region of Georgia - Kakheti, in the famous Kindzmarauli microzone. The wines of this microzone are characterized by quality, harmonious and rich tastes, and our singers accompaniment with the caressing sounds of Georgian songs of the whole process of winemaking - ennobles further our wine and makes every sip of it Special. Believe us, the soul sings from it!

Currently available to order Exclusive personalized wine gift sets of two wine lines:

Wine Polyphony (Kisi and Saperavi varieties) and Qisi Kiss (Kisi variety)