ქართული პოლიფონია
ჯეო ფოლკ ტური




Georgian polyphony, included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, alongside with Georgian Wine,

is one of the signature aspects of Georgian authenticity.

We would love to call ourselves the Ambassadors of Georgian Polyphony!

“Geo Folk Tour” is a tourist and musical project with the main goal - to  popularize Georgian culture through Georgian polyphony.

We offer Master classes of traditional Georgian music, as well as private events and Musical gifts,
such as a Musical surprise for a birthday (singers in traditional Georgian costumes), a Romantic Dedication of a serenade, Accompanying a marriage proposal, etc. (see. in the section Geo Folk Band Services), as well as unique Polyphonic tours on request.

Add an armload of Memorable and Unique moments to your trip to Georgia: with Geo Folk Band you can get a vivid musical experience that meets the request for an individual approach and takes into account the needs of a wide variety of audiences to make you fall in Love with Georgia!

♥Btw, our project was highly appreciated by such masters as are Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) and Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) ♥



WFTGA Convention 2019


Geo Folk Tour Group performed at the opening of one of the most influential tourism conferences in Tourism field – World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations Convention 2019 Tbilisi, Georgia.

Led Zeppelin and Geo Folk Tour


A new and no less impressive cover was presented by the Geo Folk Tour group, performing a medley of legendary band Led Zeppelin and soloist Robert Plant in the Georgian...

Geo Folk Tour meets Aerosmith


The immortal hit of the famous American rock band Aerosmith “Dream on”, performed by the folk band Geo Folk Tour, sounded very peculiar and very emotional in the style of...

Our tours are characterized by deep immersion in the culture and ethnography of Georgia against the background of the rich and diverse nature of the country. In addition, ordering a tour with us, you get the opportunity to participate in our folk programs and master classes, which makes your stay in Georgia even more memorable, because the secrets of understanding the soul of the ancient country of Georgia is hidden in its folklore.



 If you want to strengthen the organizational culture of the company and unite the team, giving them an unforgettable experience for lifetime, then you definitely need to book a corporate tour to Georgia with us!

The selection of corporate tour package activities will be done in accordance with the wishes of the Client and will include a visit to the historical and ethnographic attractions of different parts of Georgia and the VIP folk program.

During a corporate event, your colleagues will learn how to dance Georgian dances, cook delicious Georgian dishes, choose wine and understand ancient history games, and most importantly, share happy moments with each other! ...

Duration: 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, upon request.

Cost: negotiable



 Dreaming is not harmful, it is harmful - not to dream! Especially in Georgia!

Are you dreaming of becoming a sommelier? Are you dreaming of cooking delicious food?

Are you dreaming of exploring of the most ancient human heritage?

Are you dreaming of traveling in the mountains, in the subtropics, in the desert and at sea during one vacation?

Are you dreaming of hearing a song that was sent to space, in live?

We can help you to make your dreams come true!

Duration: in accordance with the wishes of the Client

Cost: negotiable



 a full musical acapella spectrum of Georgian polyphony, including chants, urban romance and ancient folk songs, accompanied by musical instruments;

acquaintance with the Academy of the Georgian feast and the Institute of the Toastmaster;

dance classes;

the number of singers, including the Tamada - not less than 6,

program duration - 3 hours.

* Georgian wine from us as a gift *

Cost: negotiable, according to the request



 includes an abbreviated version of the VIP program with elements of Georgian feast etiquette;

the number of singers, including a tamada -  around 3-4,

the duration of the program is 1.5 hours.

Cost: negotiable, according to the request



 we offer 1 day Tour, which includes a unique Tbilisi City and Mtskheta Tours with Geo Folk Feast experience at the evening! Don’t miss that opportunity to truly feel the Georgian Culture!

the duration of the program is 1 whole day.

Cost: negotiable, according to the request and depending on the quantity of guests.